CODE: 956/81



    Bulk request shuould be used for min.100 quantity sale.

    One-family color kit with video doorphone and Mikra panel
    The Urmet Mod. 956 video kit is used to make one-family video door phone systems with a low number of wires to interconnect the devices: only two wires between door panel and video door phone and only two wires between power unit and video door phone.
    The video kit is easy to set up.
    An optional second video door phone can be installed in parallel.
    Video surveillance of the outdoor environment is possible from both video door phones without needing to receive a call from the door panel.
    The Simply video door phone with 4” colour flat screen does not need to be flush-mounted and is provided with a bracket for wall installation.
    Press the calling button on the door panel to establish a conversation between door unit and video doorphone.
    The video door phone screen will light up after pressing the button.
    Call is two-tone electronic.
    The camera fits a high-sensitivity pinhole color camera.
    The subject is illuminated by white LEDs.